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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson
STM Yale University
MA, PhD University of Notre Dame

Many people have written against the Church Growth Movement and Fuller Seminary, whose faults are manifest to all but the seriously impaired. However, Lutherans also need an antidote to the poison of Reformed doctrine injected by their mission officials, district presidents, and seminary professors. I wrote Thy Strong Word to present the Biblical doctrine of the efficacy of the Word, once taken for granted in all synods, now undermined in all synods. Hundreds of verbatim quotations will help in writing sermons, conference essays, and journal articles.

Note: the entire text of Thy Strong Word is linked by chapters on this page.


The introduction, a chapter in itself, concerns several major topics neglected by Lutherans:

  1. Text criticism in the New Testament--how the conservative Lutherans abandoned the traditional New Testament in favor
        of a hodge-podge of conflicting theories.
  1. Higher criticism--Fuller Seminary's great love, a major influence upon "conservative" Lutherans today.
  2. The King James Version--why Lutherans should return to the precision of Tyndale/King James, the Luther-centric Bible. Many errors of modern translations are exposed.

Chapter 1:
The Efficacy Word Group
in the New Testament

The New Testament has a word for effective or powerful. The word is used only for divine or Satanic energy. The first chapter lists every use of the word group in the New Testament and examines the meaning of each text. The King James Version and the Byzantine text are cited together throughout the book. The key word is double underlined in English and Greek, also throughout the book, to aid in studies. This is not a traditional finished book, but a reference work full of examples, quotations, and texts. 

Once we understand the efficacy word group, the foundation for the Means of Grace is established in our minds forever. No one can turn us towards fads, gimmicks, cell groups, and marketing the Gospel.

Famous conversions in Chapter 1: Grace Fuller--the wife of the founder of Fuller Seminary; St. Augustine; St. Paul; John Newton.

One feature of the book is the use of the Megatron database, which includes 3,000 verbatim quotations from authors of all denominations. Most quotations in the book (800-1000) are found in the text and numbered for convenience. The complete reference is given in each case (no
ibids), to encourage additional research and a love for Lutheran orthodoxy. Quotations by false teachers are generally found in the footnotes.

Final Version of
Jesus, Priceless Treasure