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So, your district president, mission board chairman, voters' assembly president, and ladies guild treasurer all love the Church Growth Movement. What are you going to do? Campaign for another DP? Perhaps another synodical president? At congregational meetings, circuit meetings, conference meetings, synodical conventions: what will you use to defeat false doctrine? The ecclesiastical ballot?

The political campaign has not worked, because God has appointed only one effective method for converting people to faith and defeating false doctrine: the efficacious Word.

Lutherans must know and teach the key efficacy passages in the Bible to counter the anti-Biblical campaign of the Fuller Enthusiasts.

  1. The Means of Grace Chapter, Isaiah 55.
  2. The Sower and the Seed, Mark 4.
  3. God gives the increase, 1 Corinthians 3:4-9
  4. The Fruitful Vine, John 15

Chapter Two presents these passages and others to emphasize that the Scriptures teach the efficacy of the Word

Quotations include many passages from the Book of Concord, the
Triglotta, with page references to the Tappert edition and the Heiser English only Triglotta.

"And it is of advantage, so far as can be done, to adorn the ministry of the Word with every kind of praise against fanatical men, who dream that the Holy Ghost is given not through the Word, but because of certain preparations of their own, if they sit unoccupied and silent in obscure places, waiting for illumination, as the Enthusiasts formerly taught, and the Anabaptists now teach."
          Article XIII, The Sacraments, 13, Apology of the Augsburg Confession,
Concordia Triglotta, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1921, p. 311. Tappert, p. 213. Heiser, p. 95.

"The two aorists: 'I planted,' 'he watered,' point into the past--the men did their little work and are gone. So it is still: each performs his little instrumental task and leaves. When he is describing God's activity Paul writes the imperfect
hu;xanen (gave the increase) which refers to an act begun in the past but going on and on indefinitely, for the tense is open and sets no terminus. Paul and Apollos have left Corinth, God is still there and causing the growing. Why quarrel about men when the Corinthians should unite in praising God?"
          R. C. H. Lenski,
Corinthians, Columbus: Wartburg Press, 1947, p. 128.

Do you
know the
Key efficacy passages
in the Bible?

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