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Do you want to embarrass a conservative Lutheran leader? Tell him you believe that God created the entire universe through the Word, in six 24-hour days.

The notable progress of the theory of evolution among conservative Lutherans is not a testimony to the advance of science but to the retreat of Lutheranism.

"Don't let the world paint us into a corner of antiquarianism on subjects like a six-day creation or verbal inspiration."
          Rev. Paul Kelm, WELS, "How to Make Sound Doctrine Sound Good to Mission Prospects," p. 13. From Chapter 3.     

What is more difficult, to believe God's creation  of the universe by the Word or that He turns a man enslaved by sin into a new creation by the Word? Baptists claim that one must make a decision for Christ, but no believer is called a new decision in the Scriptures. Instead, he is called a new creature or new creation.

If we refuse to trust one aspect of God's revelation, then we will run afoul of everything else, because the Scriptures are one unified truth, not a cafeteria line where we pick our favorite dishes.

"Concerning this creation the Holy Scriptures teach us: that it is a work of God, which He accomplished without the co-operation or assistance of any creature, of His own free will, and solely by means of His omnipotent creative Word; a work of the one true God, a work, therefore, of the Triune God."
          Heinrich Schmid, ed.,
The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, trans. Charles A. Hay, Henry E. Jacobs, Philadelphia: Lutheran Publication Society, 1889, p. 168. From Chapter 3.

The third chapter shows the relationship between the Creation and the efficacy of the Word in conversion.

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