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Just as the Word of God is powerful and effective in converting people to faith and damning others for unbelief, so is false doctrine powerful in deluding the masses and murdering souls.

Lutherans have fallen down entirely in addressing false doctrine with the Scriptures and the Confessions. The false teachers who lead Lutheranism today have cunningly made every doctrine issue into a violation of the 8th Commandment. This does not keep the false teachers from slandering sincere Lutherans, of course, but it does suppress serious discussions.

All false doctrine detracts from the glory of God and glorifies man instead. The true nature of false doctrine and false teachers is the focus of this chapter, with many outstanding quotations to show how to counter these servants of Satan.

The following quotation explains why Church Growth pests charge so much for their services:

"In the third place, false teachers flay their disciples to the bone, and cut them out of house and home, but even this is taken and endured. Such, I opine, has been our experience under the Papacy. But true preachers are even denied their bread. Yet this all perfectly squares with justice! For, since men fail to give unto those from whom they receive the Word of God, and permit the latter to serve them at their own expense, it is but fair they should give the more unto preachers of lies, whose instruction redounds to their injury. What is withheld from Christ must be given in tenfold proportion to the devil. They who refuse to give the servant of truth a single thread, must be oppressed by liars."
          Martin Luther,
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 111f. From Chapter 6.

The Megatron database has angered Church Growth leaders to such a degree that it has been denounced in
Christian News. Why is it so upsetting to them? The gurus want to promote their doctrinal cancer but avoid responsibility. They love their own words and will never leave us alone with their plague of new ideas (old heresies). But they do not want to be quoted verbatim.

Chapter 6 emphasizes the proper Lutheran response to false doctrine rather than going over well known errors. However, some of the worst quotations are found in some footnotes.

"In the third place, false teachers flay their disciples
to the bone, and cut them out of house and home…."
Martin Luther

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